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Nature’s healing was started in 2007 by Maimoona Mahomed. I was born and bred in Zimbabwe, and Am married to my very wonderful and supportive husband, Aslam Mahomed. My journey started in 1999 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus, and rheumatoid spondylitis. Being 28 years at the time with 4 kids and the only remedy conventional medicine could offer me was antidepressants, pain killers, and Cortisone. This was not the way forward for me because I could see myself in a wheelchair for life if I did not do something about it. I believe that God almighty will not give you a problem without a natural solution.

With blessings and support from my family, I then devoted my path to studying and researching natural medicine trying to find a cure for my condition. I qualified as complementary health and traditional practitioner, registered with the South African traditional doctors union and national health alliance. Part of my inspiration and expertise is credited to my professor and medical scientist who developed a natural cure for all diseases from the Canadian university of natural medicine. Subsequently, I acquired several other certifications necessary to help me in my quest to heal myself. Eg diploma in botanical medicine, iridology, phytotherapy, Chinese medicine, metaphysical sciences, complementary oncology, reflexology, skin technician nutrition and slimming, etc. By applying the above principles and holistic modalities I have naturally reversed and cured myself totally, being pain-free and drug-free.

This miraculous recovery and journey of mine is only a blessing from almighty god and I cannot thank him enough, because not only has it inspired me but my entire family. To touch as many lives as we can by healing and helping them recover from there illnesses pain-free and drug-free. Naturally. My cure has inspired my husband to join me in my practice and share my vision of natural healing. All my three daughters as well have pursued their careers in natural medicine. Truly a blessing


We will create confidence in our patients, to believe that in applying our treatment as a lifestyle, they would be able to live a healthy and balanced life, drug-free and pain-free.


By applying peace of mind principles in our consultations and our treatments, we are able to focus on our patient’s individual health and wellbeing. Our constant aim is to research and discover new remedies and nutrients to improve the lifestyle of our patients, to educate and coach them, to help them recover from their illnesses.

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