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What is EAV Testing?

Electrical acupuncture according to Dr. Voll is an ohm meter instrument that measures only one thing: electrical impedance and since the human body has a large volume of electric conduction fluids emitting from it. This electric flow gives us an accurate indication by way of reading on the meter, the energy disturbances underlying illnesses and to encourage the return of normal energetic field that supports health. The eav /ohm meter is tested against the meridian points no matter what the age, weight, sex, nationality or race. Eg if reading in any meridian point reads 50 then this means a healthy meridian. Below 50 would indicate low energy or possible degeneration. If the meter reads above 50 this indicates inflammation in the tissue. Etc Using this amazing EAV analysis, the practitioner’s aim is to categorize, isolate prioritize and to find the root cause of these factors that contributed to the  Clinical presentation.These factors could manifest in the physical body as an illness, the esthetic body, emotional or mental body and finally to embark on their “correction or balancing the patient “.Priority correction or harmonizing is the next step or key to successful healing by way of bio-resonance or radionic healing. Comparatively to a medical diagnosis, in medical diagnosis the aim is to find the name for the particular symptom or sign the patient is giving, then treatment is given according to the name.    

“Disclaimer: Natures Healing does not make any medical claims for the Electro Acc Voll Testing Machine, or claim medical diagnostic ability either the hardware or the software. The EAV functions as an ohmmeter and biofeedback instrument. The operator controls the use of the equipment.”

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