Easy Sleep 40winx


Easy Sleep 40winx contains a natural sleep aid for people experiencing anxiety and stress-related disorders causing lack of concentration and disrupted sleep. The pack also contains a second supplement, a vitamin B-complex, to be taken in the morning to help you kick-start your day by feeling refreshed and boost energy levels.

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Easy Sleep & Easy Wake all in one product. Easy Sleep Combines natural sleeping aids such as chamomile, passion flower and valerian root to assist with a peaceful night’s sleep by calming stressed or over-worked patients & pulling them through all 5 stages of the sleep cycle.
High potency B-complex vitamins which assist with energy levels during the day & provide a focused energy level when stress is prone to build up.
Beneficial to persons suffering from ADHD, Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Stress-Sleep-Cycle, Emotional problems, Office-workers etc.. Safety not established in pregnancy. We recommend Stellar-Mama as the calcium and magnesium content aids in sleep in pregnancy.

“Each pack contains a 30-day supply of 2 Components:

30 x Easy Sleep Capsules
30 x Easy Wake Capsules

Take one Clear Capsule daily at night one hour prior to sleeping and take one White Capsule in the morning with breakfast.”