R 400.00 ZAR

Ester-C Plus is a patented formula that’s exclusive to Solgar. It provides a pH-neutral form of vitamin C that’s non-acidic ad gentle on your stomach. This is a great supplement for boosting immunity, fighting off colds and giving your body antioxidant support. Solgar Ester-C also helps to improve the retention of vitamin C your cells, so it’s especially effective.

  • Special pH-neutral vitamin C supplement
  • Non-acidic, ideal for those with sensitive stomachs
  • Made using a special process to form a unique metabolite complex, which helps with vitamin C retention in the cells
  • Promotes a healthy immune system & helps to ward off common bugs
  • Includes powdered acerola berry & rosehip, which are high in antioxidants


  • Adults: Take one tablet daily, with meals.