R 250.00 ZAR

What are Warts?

These small, noncancerous growths appear when your skin is infected with one of the many viruses of the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The virus triggers extra cell growth, which makes the outer layer of the skin thick and hard in that spot. While they can grow anywhere you have skin, you’re more likely to get one on your hands or feet. The type of wart depends on where it is and what it looks like



We use one or more or both methods after numbing the area with an anesthetic cream.

Electrosurgery then burns the wart or skin tag or red vein. A course of a 1-month virus supplement is given to prevent a recurrence.


Please note price excludes:

  • Removal of warts and tags ( Each Wart is priced at R90,00) 
  • Anesthetic cream
  • Needle cost
  • 1 month supply of viral supplement