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The Ultimate Tissue And Bowel Cleansing Program

We offer a 7 and a half day detox program which consists of 15 treatments, including liver, gallbladder, and kidney cleanse on the last day. The facility carries out a cleansing program that depending on clients’ budget, either 5 stars or 4 stars. Cleansing the body is like giving your body a service. Cleaning out hardened Mucous caused by cooked and processed foods such as wheat, bread, sugar, etc makes the transit time slower causing autointoxication (poisoning of the body) causing all diseases. Your blood is as healthy as your colon, every part of the colon which is blocked represents an organ by cleansing the colon the entire body benefits. For example, colon cleansing removes depression infertility arthritis diverticulitis, stomach complaints, diabetes, body order, psoriasis, eczema, lack of energy and many other diseases.

Prequalification for cleansing needed for individual health & safety

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 7 Day Tissue Cleansing Program?

For 7 days you will be giving yourself a Colema once every morning upon rising and again at night before going to bed, to wash out the colon. Throughout each day you will take supplements and cleansing drinks every 1- 1/2 hours. You will not be eating solid foods; however, you may drink herb teas and diluted juices. This is a very important part of the cleanse in order to rest your organs, nourish your body and loosen the hardened mucoid fecal matter.

Where does this mucus Lining come from?

Cooked and processed foods, toxic candy, alcohol, spoiled foods, wheat bread, wheat products and medicinal drugs taken orally stimulate the body to automatically secrete a mucous substance throughout the alimentary canal. This is a natural protective mechanism was designed for the occasional mistake. After the mistake has triggered the body’s protective mucoid layer, the pancreatic juices could easily strip it off within a few days. Most people have a habit of eating toxic substances, with every meal and often in between. The layers become so thick that the pancreas rescue mission is totally suppressed. As we continue to eat these toxic substances layer upon layer of mucoid matter builds in the entire canal, causing gradual weakening of the body. As these mucoid layers build up the peristaltic action in the intestines become less and less effective. This is where the problem begins. The transit time of food becomes slower and as it slows, food begins to rot before it exits and loses its moisture, causing it to become smelly, dry, and sticky. It then has a tendency to stick to walls of the intestines creating thicker and thicker layers of substance. This substance is extremely toxic and a major source of poisons, Though this is a serious condition, the body works overtime to try and handle the toxic overloads. Yet, if this substance is not removed the body fights a losing battle and eventually, the immune system will become clogged and tired, the enzymes run low and the body will begin to degenerate. As the decades go by, each generation becomes weaker, according to the hereditary constitution, strength of the digestive system, physical and mental activities and diet.

Will I get hungry?

You don’t get hungry on this cleanse. You’ll be filled with supplements and liquids. However, if you think you are hungry drink diluted juice or herbal teas.

Will I lose weight on this program?

Obese people can lose quite a lot of weight while in the cleanse. Thin people will gain whatever they lose about 2 or 3 days after finishing the cleanse-minus the weight of whatever mucoid layers the have passed. Thin people may continue to put on weight after the program.

Will this help the immune system?

The body’s natural immune system cannot be repaired in a toxic body. If your body is toxic, it is already overworked. Internal cleansing is a must. Also, special herbs will be recommended for the condition.

Do you recommend the cleanse for all diseases?

I recommend that those with tuberculosis, cancer, emphysema, diabetes and other degenerative diseases should consult with their doctor first. Diabetics should consider fasting after expert advice to do so. However, if I were suffering from one of those diseases, I would most certainly do the cleanse.

Why do you call it tissue cleaning?

It cleanses every tissue in the body, not just the bowel. We realize by now that every tissue is fed by the blood which is nourished by the bowel when the bowel dirty, blood is dirty and soon the organs and tissue.

You mentioned a maintenance program, what is that about?

You must make a habit of applying healthy eating to your everyday living. Germ life and

What is Colema?

A Colema is a high enema which washes out the large intestine. This process will tone the colon for better and more regular bowel movements. Also, the hardened mucous lining of the bowel will be softened and loosened for easy removal.

How do I know if I need the Cleanse?

If you have been living on raw fruits and vegetables all of your life, chances are you probably do not need the cleansing. Any disease or malfunction of the body. *Constipation. *Bad breath. *Body odor. *Flatulence (gas). *Dry. * and hard stools (they should be soft & break up when you flush the toilet). *Stools that sink (they should float). *Foul-smelling stools. *Evacuations that take more then 30 seconds or require pushing or granting *Lack of energy *If you ever have taken antibiotics (they destroy the friendly intestinal flora)

Can diverticulitis be reversed?

This condition represents inherited bowel qualities and improper diet/eating and can be corrected with Colemas, proper eating, and exercises.

Should I stop the cleanse if I begin to feel sick?

Feeling sick is a sign that you are eliminating and is due to the number of toxic substances that you are eliminating. Generally, people who are weak on the 2nd and 3rd day perk up by the 4th. Be sure to get plenty of rest and persevere the full 7 days.

I’ve been told by my doctor that I have a spastic colon and that I’d be better be careful with colon cleaning. What do you think?

I would not hesitate to cleanse. We use a particular herb to relax the spastic colon.

I’ve heard of colonic irrigation. Isn’t it better to go to a clinic and have this done?

High pressured water is used during a colinic. Imagine blowing a new balloon up, let the

How long will it take to become clean and well?

We must move slowly and surely along with the tissue cleaning and rejuvenating system, keeping in mind that even as it took time to pollute our bodies to the point of a disease, so will it take time to reverse the process.

“Disclaimer: Natures Healing does not make any medical claims for the Electro Acc Voll Testing Machine, or claim medical diagnostic ability either the hardware or the software. The EAV functions as an ohmmeter and biofeedback instrument. The operator controls the use of the equipment.”

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