Our testing method is called EAV testing (Electro Acc Voll Testing Machine)


Natures Healing was founded in 2007 by Maimoona Mahomed, after 12 years of extensive studies, Maimoona qualified.


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I will create confidence in my patients to believe that in applying my treatments as a lifestyle they would be able to live a healthy and balance life.

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  • M.Hussain Khan was fit, tall big and strong and weighed 90-100kg's. When he lost weight about 15-20kg's in 1 1/2 months the doctor diagnosed him with "oesophagus" cancer which spread to the lung through a "biopsy, scope, CT scan and X-rays" which cost a fortune so they were sent to Joburg Gen! "We say and feel it a miracle" He was going to do surgery but he was to weak. The doctors gave him 6 months to live. His cancer was at 2nd - 3rd stage. He couldn't eat so the doctor wanted a stant¬†put in so he could eat. We refused and instead came to "Natures Healing". When we can to "Natures Healing" and after 9 days he started to eat. After 10days his blockage, cancer in his stomach, liver, and oesophagus was gone. Now he has 90% clearance and he is sitting up talking and eating.   Thanks you!!
    M.Hussain Khan
    • My left knee was severe and would not hold a certain way, but now I can move it and bend it.
    • I could not bend my knee but I can because the pain is minimum.
    • The pain in both thumbs is gone, only pressed a little pain.
    • Eyes were popped out, after 7 days my eyes are normal.
    • Shacking from " Parkinsons" head, neck and hands are gone far less. My hand is not shaking at all, WOW!
    • The itch was severe on leg, now better and healing of "Psoraisis" from black to grey. The other leg has cleared completetly.
    • Varicose veins with plenty pain, now protruding, as badly pain is better
    • Feeling light feels good. Not hungry after 7 days. Not even tired but invigorated.
    • Lost about 10-11 ks's in 7 days/
    I would definitely recommend this treatment to everyone. Thank You!!
    Farida Khan
  • I have been struggling with Endometriosis since 1999, I had my first laparoscopy to remove it in 2006 and it was 2cm. In 2011 I was again diagnosed with endometriosis this time 5cm and I had to undergo the second operation. I experienced severe pain during my monthly periods. My second operation was scheduled for the 26th July 2011, however, I couldn't proceed due to high blood pressure I was hopeless and depressed. A work colleague of my mother advised her to consult Maimoona Mahomed. I went through the assessment with her then the seven days treatment commenced. After the treatment and taking the medication daily for eight weeks. I got cleared of the endometriosis and all the cancerous cells which developed in my ovaries. My monthly periods are regular and without pain ever since the treatment. I am now healed in my body and spiritually.
    Lebogang Stroom
  • Hi. My name is Reyana Motlekar. I have been suffering for the last 5 years with Menopause and osteoarthritis. I've seen so many doctors for help. I've been given medication and had operations done as well. I gained weight and felt bloated and sick most of the time. My legs stopped moving and this was an extreme situation which needed drastic measures. Fortunately I've found a place called Nature's Healing, Dr Maimoona Mahomed. She gave me a full body scan and explained everything. There was so much more wrong with me than I could ever imagine. My artery in my heart was blocked, pancreas was giving problems which caused digestive problems. My stomach was enormous! She gave me treatment for 7 days and medication for 3 months. After the 7day treatment I felt so much better. Dropped 2 dress sizes. The swelling disappeared and most of all...I could walk again. February I will be going for another 7 day cleansing treatment. My evaluation test came back clear. I feel motivated and healthy. I would recommend anyone and everyone who is suffering to please just go for the CT scan and embrace her and her husband's help. I'm living proof. May the Almighty reward them generously for their help and guidance.
    Reyana Motlekar
  • I was interested but unsure of the methods as it's not what we are accustomed to through western medicine. I gave it a try. Followed all the instructions and opened myself to be healed. After the week long treatments I had not felt an immediate difference. But as a month or two went buy my pain had disappeared 100 percent. I am now active and have no physical limitations in this regard - 6 years later. From a grateful patient
    Mayur Bhana
  • In 2010/2011 I was confronted with serious health issues. The most prominent at the time was the disc in my left shoulder pinching a nerve causing the left hand to weakened in strength. I was in serve pain and to some extent couldn't use my left hand. This went on for many months. I was in physical pain. I couldn't exercise, sleeping was a problem, even driving. I had consulted 2 prominent surgeons in Pretoria who were recommended by friends and colleagues. Both doctors confirmed that i had to seriously consider the operation which didn't have a 100% success rate. Worst case I could be paralyzed. As you can imagine I was terrified. It was also during this time that my mom alerted me to Nature Healing
  • I can with an open mind and great joy in my heart recommend the detox program to anyone that is willing to try it