Nutritional Supplements

Over the years in my practice of Natures Healing, I have found that nutrition and supplements form an integral part of any treatment. We have now established a full health store online and walk-in attached to our clinic, stocking all your drug-free remedies, nutrients, vitamins, herbs, supplements and organic foods. 


What is Homeobotanical Therapy? 

HBT is based on the homoeopathic principle and combines both characteristics of herbal and homoeopathic therapy. The therapeutic response is enhanced by the synergy of other herbs that are chosen to reinforce the action of other components. It is non-toxic and depends on the availability of fresh, high-quality herbal extracts. Combinations of herbs that have similar actions create a ‘mother tincture’. Using specific mother tinctures in combination, prepared with herbal water, creates a remedy.

How can Homeobotanical Therapy be used?

  • As a core treatment, with additional nutritional help
  • As a first-aid treatment
  • As a complementary treatment, synergistic to others like osteopathy, chiropractic or acupuncture
  • As an immediate treatment while the fundamental, basic treatment takes action

Ayurvedic Supplements 

Ayurvedic herbs have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties. We’ve brought together their healing qualities in a range of supplements that can be conveniently administered in the comfort of your home. If you’re suffering from the flu, digestive problems, or anxiety, you can find a solution from our ayurvedic medicine range.

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Herbal Remedies 

Many herbal remedies are effective in treating illnesses or helping to ease symptoms. If you’re looking for a safe, natural way to manage an existing condition, look no further than the herbal remedies we provide you with. We have an assortment of supplements to choose from; discover a natural medicine to reduce stress, rid your body of toxins, or strengthen your immune system - whatever your health goals. All the ingredients used in our herbal supplements are pure and of superior quality, and they play their role in supporting a healthy body and mind.

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Traditional Chinese Herbs 

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a very long history, having accumulated profound insights over thousands of years of clinical observation and practical experience. It encompasses many concepts and theories including that of Yin and Yang, the Meridians and Zang Fu, the Five Elements, the Eight Therapeutic Methods, the Four Natures and the Five Flavours of herbs.

The herbal range described here is called Chinaherb and was categorised according to Chinese Medicine Principles, namely Tonic formulas (nourishing Qi, blood, essence, Yin, Yang), Exterior-releasing formulas, Purgative formulas, Harmonising formulas (Zang Fu interaction, for example, Liver and Gallbladder, Liver and Spleen, Spleen and Stomach), those that warm the Interior, drain Heat, calm the Shen, regulate Qi and blood, expel wind and/or damp, those designed for external use, and the pediatric formulas. lt is important to make a pattern diagnosis before selecting the appropriate herbal formula. In Chinese Medicine, there is no one-to-one matching of remedy to disease as there often is in Western medicine. In Chinese medicine, one disease may have many patterns and the starting point is to apply the remedy to the pattern.

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Nature's Healing CBD Products are revolutionising the worlds of health and whole-body wellness to fight insomnia, dread illnesses and depression.

Our carefully curated CBD oils and capsules can help to manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is also clinical evidence showing that CBD can help as complementary pain relief.

CBD can be enjoyed as herbal tea and coffee infusions as a more discreet supplement. Find all of the latest innovations in this exciting category

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