M.Hussain Testimonial

M.Hussain Khan was fit, tall big and strong and weighed 90-100kg’s. When he lost weight about 15-20kg’s in 1 1/2 months the doctor diagnosed him with “oesophagus” cancer which spread to the lung through a “biopsy, scope, CT scan and X-rays” which cost a fortune so they were sent to Joburg Gen! “We say and feel it a miracle” He was going to do surgery but he was to weak. The doctors gave him 6 months to live. His cancer was at 2nd – 3rd stage. He couldn’t eat so the doctor wanted a stant put in so he could eat. We refused and instead came to “Natures Healing”. When we can to “Natures Healing” and after 9 days he started to eat. After 10days his blockage, cancer in his stomach, liver, and oesophagus was gone. Now he has 90% clearance and he is sitting up talking and eating.

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