Ramoselane Khabise Testimonial

My name is Ramoselane Khabise residing in Vaal. My township name is Sharpeville. I am currently a retiree at 65yrs. In 2010 I started extracting my teeth one after another after developing unbearable pain until they are all gone. All these were happening in conjunction blood coming from nasal stream. In 2011 I contacted my ENT who referred me to the scanner. After obtaining scanner results, he immediately referred me to oncology department with haste, telling me I have contracted a 4th stage cancer. I went to that department and secured a booking for treatment. Instead of adhering to this appointment; i migrated and opted for a herbalist treatment. I consulted Maimoona Mahomed in Centurion at Clubview. This herbalist name was recommended to me by a friend Martin Moteane. I took 14 days tissue and bowel, colon and liver cleanse with her. Following treatment, i arrived at home and I ordered my child to drive me to mediclinic where I took off with my Radiation and Chemotherapy. I quickly responded to the treatment, recovered completely till today. My oncology invited me in confidence to his suite wanting to know my secret. I told him about Maimoona Mahomed 🌿 herbs. My oncologist insisted and stressed that I must not stop using her medication. It had done wonders.

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