I have been struggling with Endometriosis since 1999, I had my first laparoscopy to remove it in 2006 and it was 2cm. In 2011 I was again diagnosed with endometriosis this time 5cm and I had to undergo the second operation. I experienced severe pain during my monthly periods. My second operation was scheduled for the 26th of July 2011, however, I couldn’t proceed due to high blood pressure I was hopeless and depressed. A work colleague of my mother advised her to consult Maimoona Mahomed. I went through the assessment with her then the seven days treatment commenced. After the treatment and taking the medication daily for eight weeks. I got cleared of the endometriosis and all the cancerous cells that developed in my ovaries. My monthly periods are regular and without pain ever since the treatment. I am now healed in my body and spirit.

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