R 200.00 ZAR

Merry Life Formula comes from “Tai Ping Formulas of welfare dispensary” published by emperor’s pharmacy of the Song Dynasty in 1106 AD. Because it is a common prescription for the treatment of mental disorders including depression and moodiness, it was named “Xiao Yao San“. It means that after taking the medicine, the Liver Qi is lively and smooth, and the mood is cheerful, and the trouble is left behind, like a fairy. Since the main action of the formulation is to nourish the Liver and smooth Liver Qi, it is also a common prescription for the treatment of liver diseases and liver detoxification. It is used for chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and other syndromes. Liver Stagnation and Blood Deficiency are the main pathologies of gynaecological diseases, so it is a common prescription used for irregular, late or lack of menstruation, premenstrual tension, PMS, infertility, low libido and many other diseases including depression.

Treats the following symptoms: