R 390.00 ZAR

RELAXED SLEEP is a natural fast acting dietary supplement that effectively manages anxiety & stress and assists with sleeplessness and other sleep complaints. The active ingredient, “KNA Extract” is a unique isolate concentrate of specific mood elevating alkaloids.

RELAXED SLEEP is used by:

  • Anyone suffering from insomnia.
  • Students to assist in retaining information and data after studying.
  • Working people to increase mental alertness and concentration at work.
  • People that suffered a traumatic event.
  • People suffering from depression and/or burnout.

RELAXED SLEEP address and corrects all stages of insomnia:

  • Taking too long to get to sleep (Onset Insomnia)
  • Waking too often throughout the night. (Middle Insomnia)
  • Waking to early and being unable to get back to sleep.(Terminal Insomnia)


Take 1-2 capsules about 30 minutes before going to bed and drink them with a little water.