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This new Natura Combination 12 Tissue Salts is a blend of 12 different essential medicinal salts that will help increase your general vitality and boost your immune system. If you have a tendency for recurrent illness or tiredness, this vitality tonic will help reduce your symptoms, giving you a new lease on life. All of Natura’s tissue salts are prepared by trituration to ensure that your body gets exactly what it needs to quickly correct imbalances and restore health.  Natura’s range of homeopathic and natural remedies are guaranteed organic and contain no harmful pollutants.



Natura Combination 12 Tissue Salts is intended to assist recurrent illness or tiredness.

Tissues salts were originally identified by the 19th century German physician, Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler, who prepared them according to a special grinding process known as trituration. Trituration makes these minerals easy for the body to absorb so they are effective even in minute doses. One of the major benefi ts of tissue salts is that they are very safe and can be used by anyone, including pregnant women, infants and the elderly. 

Tissue salts can help you to restore wellness from the inside out as they enable your cells to make better use of the nutrients available from the food you eat. Help your body to heal itself by using Natura’s range of pleasant tasting tissue salts and quickly correct imbalances in the body and restore health.



  • Dissolve 1-2 tablets under the tongue 3 times daily. May be taken hourly in acute cases. Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist.