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Many people suffer from recurring infections of the bladder and urinary tract and find it embarrassing and costly to constantly have to consult their doctors for the same reason. Now you can help yourself with UTI-Clear from Feelgood Health. With a great, natural and unique combination of potent herbs in therapeutic dosage, UTI-Clear relieves the symptoms of Cystitis, Bladder infections and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Feelgood Health UTI-Clear will also reduce the pain and irritations caused by these infections. A few drops of UTI-Clear at the first signs of infection can help to clear the infection and stop it from recurring.


Natural Remedy to Prevent and Treat Cystitis, UTI and Bladder Infections

Use UTI-Clear to:

  • Stop burning when urinating, help to flush out the bladder and urinate more easily
  • Reduce the need for frequent urination and eliminate inability to urinate even though you have the urge
  • Treat and prevent recurring cystitis and bladder infection
  • Assist with bloating and as a diuretic
  • Reduce your dependence on antibiotics for UTI infection


Dosage: Adults: Take 15 drops in a little water or juice 3 times per day. Give UTI-Clear to your partner to prevent re-infection.

Children: Dilute one drop per age year of the child in a little water or juice. Continue for 5 - 7 days.